In 1991, after more than 3 decades of study and original thoughts, I released my theory of the future democratic society in “Technical Democracy: A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society”, and presented its more refined framework within my later magazines cited below. Due to the worldwide economic crises forcing people to find a new societal system to replace the previous corporate dominated one, I decided to post a simplified and brief edition of my idea, within a manifesto type of only 64 pages for general public as a manual for taking action toward transforming the system. I strongly believe this is the system of the future world that can materialize within this century. It will save numerous lives and possibilities if we comprehend it now and act to materialize it before it gets far too late to stop wide-spread violence and bloodshed.

The financial idea presented this is a component coming from a new scientific theory of Socialists For A Democratic Society which is believed, at some point but ultimately, to replace the present two generations old chaotic and outdated system of, so called, representative democracy. Folks virtually all developed and a few developing countries are earnestly searching for a contemporary but and reasonable system to switch it. The entire and details framework with this new social system, that is presented in 3 publications (more than 1000 pages), obviously should not be properly introduced right here. Your reader needs to have this under consideration when some questions arise. Nevertheless, knowing it with a bit of usage of reasoning and reasoning is quite simple, since the technological base of the idea rests on the application of just one principle of equality of chance.

Our Constitution practically addresses the principle of equality of chance but suppose, to explain it, we successfully pass an amendment to our own constitution recognizing equality of opportunity as an individual directly in every part of every day life. This immediately expands democracy to cover the complete system from the societal life: economic, political, as well as social. Let’s see what happens towards the economy from the country and in addition to it to person liberties, political procedure, social purchase, work legal rights, and equality irrespective of competition, gender, culture, and religious beliefs. Listed here is a really brief account from it..

The way by which property is produced, possessed, and used, decides the financial framework of any society and, to your substantial degree, its interpersonal and governmental qualities. An essential problem for economic democracy is definitely the equitable distribution of capital amongst the people and dispersed power over its use.

The principle of equality of chance prescribes that every person has full authority of control and handling of whatever they owns throughout his life time, but no one within a technical democratic society is able to gain opportunity over other people via accumulation of wealth by profits accomplished by exploitation and subjugation of others, or free transfer of resources. This principle is known as “prohibition of unjust enrichment.” This kind of accumulation is allowed only via individual’s very own work. Therefore, no one may be enriched via inheritance or receiving home or assets with no similar compensation. This is because this kind of enrichment will disturb equality of chance by increasing one’s opportunity, without his personal endeavours, over the ones from others. Inheritance is allowed only to the degree it does not affect equality of opportunity. Income is yet another kind of unjust enrichment because the capitalist receives it via exploitation of workers as well as consumers. It unjustly improves the opportunity of the capitalist towards employees yet others. Nevertheless, a nationally specific amount of return from using funds is warranted.

While capital is still one from the primary causes of creation, its characteristics is fairly various with this below capitalism or socialism. Besides the funds accumulated through savings from the worker’s very own earnings, to be able to achieve equality of chance, each employee has additionally another supply of capital accumulation. It is a determined variety of shares of his employer’s firm he receives every month in addition to so when a part from his income. This procedure gradually and peacefully transfers funds through the capitalist to the employee enabling them growing voice in the operation in the firm. A unique and fantastic outcome is achieved with this procedure for changeover; the distinction in between the capitalist and operating class disappears and each join with each other into one. It is important to note that this operating course under this idea symbolizes anybody doing work in any creation procedure from the best supervisors to its minimum competent one.

The built up capital from the workers below this program stock-keeping is low-transferable, however it continues to be underneath the possession and control over the employee. It replaces the present Social Security system, offering them with income adequate for any small but comfortable living standards after retirement life. Like Social Security, after the death from the proprietor, this non-transferable funds reverts to your general public organization referred to as Public Consumption Fund responsible for providing totally free health treatment and free education for many. However, in order to diversify her or his non-transferable holdings, the worker might exchange part of their firm’s low-transferable stocks with low-transferable stocks of others in the stock market. In fact, these shares are a part from the social funds in circulation offering many different advantageous functions, all under individual and personal control. Additionally, needless to say, the worker has capital accumulation by savings through the income, income from funds ventures in production firms, earnings from nontransferable stocks, and inheritance. The worker has full control of each one of these assets throughout their life time.

The effective use of equality of opportunity produces a new mode of creation getting rid of exploitation and gradually creating the worker a full participant in creation and distribution process. In the place of work, it generates different chance amounts according to every individual’s education and experience.

Below equality of chance, work is definitely an person right because there is no such equality present among these employed with those out of work in the same amount of competence. Every institution must provide employment for virtually any candidate related to their amount of proficiency with the use of the principle of “shared chance” derived from the equality of chance principle. It takes that every utilized individual inside the firm on the exact same level of proficiency as those out of work candidates, to quit a tiny portion of his employment opportunity (e.g. 1-4 hrs away from 40 hours each week) to supply exactly the same employment opportunity for the applicants. The thought of supply and need at each amount of chance stabilizes the work marketplace for this and any other level of work across the country. Shared opportunity causes complete employment and life time work security for anybody desiring to work.

The typical degree of payment depends on a general place category in the nationwide degree calculated and established from the National Financial and Production Council (NEPC) by the help of the Technodem, which is actually a national independent, personal controlled electronic system and essential instrument in appropriate use of equality of opportunity, also referred to as the people’s best and reliable buddy. The Technodem by accessing costs of all goods and services and the price of living, calculates and reviews to NEPC the volume of minimum wage required for a minimum residing standard. The NEPC designs a model place classification and pay out system appropriately. This really is fed to the Technodem equipped to watch over its application in every single institution hiring employees. Every creation company then, after the national model, determines its own position classification and pay out system and feeds it to the Technodem which instantly measures up it with all the nationwide model, and reviews back discrepancies, if any, to be fixed. The job classification inside each firm lacks to be exactly like the national design but it needs to fit into the range specific by that model.

In technological democracy, after twelve many years of basic training, the job system and education merge together. Everybody is needed to complete the general training system. It contains four years of preschool education beginning at age 3 as much as seven; four years of basic and 4 years of supplementary education. It contains a condensed curricula from quality one via 12. Right after finishing this educational program, the one who is approximately fifteen yrs old, actually starts to function part time while beginning his higher education full time. His research system is similarly divided between basic-humanistic and expert-technical components. The very first part, develops him as being a democratic individual, seriously devoted and focused on the key of equality of chance. Nevertheless, the core a part of his humanistic education is achieved through his or her 12-calendar year of general training. By the age of 22, she or he achieves the skills degree of an MA level under our existing system, and actually starts to function full-time and carries on his studies part-time throughout his operating years. Every worker during retirement life, which arrives at his early 50s after thirty years of work, builds up information, beyond the Ph.D. level, the greatest level in advanced schooling offered nowadays. This higher-level of information is necessary and necessary in a extremely scientific and technological and ever-transforming life environment at the job as well as in your own home. This part-time education is really a component from the worker’s needed operating hours; for any 40 hour-per-few days work program, he works 32 hours and research 8 hrs. Everyone starts the life from scratch and gradually movements to a high position and djywkv income when of official retirement life. There continues to be nevertheless several decades of energetic life remaining for each individual after retirement life to experience life without having be concerned investing it in recreational, art, music, travel or other creative and preferred ventures.

The technical democratic society is founded on the idea of the very least federal government becoming the very best. Accordingly, the national government has no domestic collection features. All nationwide departments with the exception of protection and State, all regulatory agencies and well being programs are thrown away. The state government authorities are down-sized by about 40 %; whilst the size and responsibilities of nearby governments are increased by about 20 percent. The Technodem, creation firms and local social organizations carry out the majority of the required general public functions. Under this system there is an amazing expansion of person legal rights and freedoms, totally free training, charge health treatment, employment legal rights, and old age benefits all below full individual and private control.

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