Testabolan Cyp Review: Pack muscles like no other ! You know what has become a fad these days? Ripped muscles and chiseled body; and believe it or not, they do look kinda cool. I had always been a fan of sculpted body and started doing gym right about the time I finished college and got a job. I had a little time on my hands after work so I thought I might try it out.

After assiduously following a gym routine for about three years, I was able to achieve a toned body, but muscles and abs were still a bittersweet dream that couldn’t come true. I knew my gym routine was amazing but what I failed to realize was the problem with my body. I have a body that can’t pack muscles easily. My friend for 5 years and gym trainer suggested me to use Testabolan Cyp. I have never used a product without recommendation but when it came from him, I decided to buy it.

If you also can’t pack muscles and have a hard time working up a sweat, don’t fret and read my article thoroughly. You’ll know all about supplements and you’ll be tempted to buy it.

testabolan-cyp-official-buyLet me give you a concise summary of Testabolan Cyp…

It is a muscle and energy enhancer that comes in the form of a pill. It has been formulated for all those men who wants to build muscles but experience a hard time doing so. It provides some important ingredients that fulfill the requirement of your body. A healthy concoction of rare ingredients in the form of a pill is your solution to a yoked out body.

Working of Testabolan Cyp…

When men turn 30, they experience a lot of changes and trust me, those changes aren’t welcome at all. They are life altering changes and they happen due to decrease in the testosterone level and as time advances, sometimes the formation of T is totally curbed. But low testosterone levels are also experienced by younger men due to their unhealthy lifestyle.

The hectic schedule doesn’t allow you to have a healthy meal. A burger here and fries there keeps our body and soul together. Heavy smoking and drinking also are a precursor to decrease in T level. Fast food contain so many oxidants in them and since I’m a science student, I know the ghastly effects of those on our body. Testabolan Cyp simply works its magic by providing extra testosterone( because extra is always good ) and antioxidants to our body. Thus uprooting all those aging and ill lifestyle problems.

The various ingredients presentin it balances various hormones and effectuate the working of hormone releasing glands.


Tongkat Ali
A natural testosterone boosting herb that has been researched and is believed to increase sexual energy.

This herb has been added to this product to increase your mental focus and concentration level. After working out and sweating for an hour, you’ll feel drained and might loose focus. The makers of Testabolan Cyp made sure that you aren’t overtaxed.

Saw Palmetto
This is the main ingredient that kills two birds with one stone. It works as an aphrodisiac that enhances your sex drive and as a testosterone booster that provides raw energy and stamina to sweat out.

With all this work training and mental pressure, we need to make sure the functioning of cells. What if you overtax yourself? Boron ensures that the functioning of cells is not disrupted.

Horny Goat Weed
A natural and very effective herb that increases sexual performance, libido, energy, and stamina.

Multiple amino acids such as –
L-Arginine – Increases blood flow. Also helps the body utilize a key element in the synthesis of a muscle protein called Nitrogen.

L- Arginine (monohydrochloride)- Monohydrogen Chloride is combined with Arginine to make supplement more palatable and to enhance its absorption by the digestive system.

L- Citrulline –Critical in the production of Nitric Oxide because it acts as a catalyst when combined with L- Arginine and extends the body’s production of Nitric Oxide.


  1.   No calories, carbs or sugars
  2.   Diet Friendly
  3.   Sustained energy and alertness
  4.   Fat elimination
  5.   Natural energy boost
  6.   Delayed muscle fatigue
  7.   Superior convenience
  8.   Focus and alertness
  9.   Thermogenic lift
  10. Muscle recovery support
  11. Anaerobic endurance

Disadvantages and Precautions

  1.  Not approved by FDA ( because it doesn’t treat or cure any disease)
  2.  Check the age recommendations on the pack before using.
  3.  Use the prescribed dose i.e 2 pills per day.
  4.  Not available on retail stores(so if any store is selling Testabolan Cyp, the product is faux).
  5.  Don’t use or get a recommendation of your physician if you’re on any   


What makes it unique?

I am saying this with enough experience that this is the only product that contains a blend of so many natural ingredients, all added to the mix, to make you more strong, chiseled and ripped.

The aforementioned ingredients, in one or the other way, boosts your testosterone level which ensures your body isn’t affected with your advancing age.

Is Testabolan Cyp safe?

All the ingredients of Testabolan Cyp are medically and clinically examined in the certified labs. All the ingredients are unique as they cause no harmful side-effects to your body when used as per right guidance.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor if you are on any medication.

Where can I buy Testabolan Cyp?

Just click on the icon and you’ll be able to avail yourself with this product. If you are not sure about the product, the best option is to sign up for a 15-day trial period. This way you can be sure of the product and continue to use it according to your requirements.


Well, I can’t sum up this product in a few words because its effect on my body were tremendous and so many.

First I was able to pack muscle more effectively as it increased my muscle endurance and stamina. I was able to work more at the gym and since my endurance increased, lifting weights became much easy.

Secondly, I think its claim to increase T levels are genuine because I felt a sudden increase in my sex drive. My performance was okay but then it increased and my girlfriend is happy with me. I can’t ask for more.
So don’t just sit and wait. Buy this product ASAP and enjoy a new life where everything is energetic and refreshing. But make sure that you use it for at least 3 months to actually notice results.

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