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Having a slim body shape is everyone’s dream. It is not bad to have this dream. God has given you one life and you are free to achieve your dreams, to live life to its fullest. Then why overweight prevents you from enjoying life. The common method of reducing weight is heavy exercises and controlled diet. But this is not the solution for everyone. What if some external factor help you to reduce weight with no extra pains. Here is the answer Neo Slim 550. It is the new weight loss supplement in the market. This product enhances metabolic rate and burns extra fat.


With the age we tend to lose muscles and gain fat. The more and more fat accumulation leads to the more weight gain. Hence Neo Slim 550 builds lean muscle mass, which is our body content minus fats. This burns excessive calories. The product is completely herbal. It is not based on chemical ingredients. Hence it is not harmful to use this product. This supplement increases the metabolic rate, this help you to reduce the weight. In this way you can tone your body shape easily. The more stubborn fats are deposited on hips and thighs. As this supplement is a fat burner. It burns the stored and accumulated fats into energy. Slim and trim body is a perfect eye catcher. Who don’t want to attain public attention. And solution is not far away.

The supplement is not restricted physically but it relaxes mentally also. It improves the sleeping patterns. It also reduces the appetite. It is not that your hunger is restricted however, it prevents emotional eating and food cravings. The craving for chocolates and confectionery items disrupts weight loss efforts. Similarly eating in a way to suppress stress, anger or other negative feelings hinders weight loss. Thus the supplement’s main focus is to improve overall health.

How does this product work?

Acquiring the supplement Neo Slim 550 is natural, safe and effective. The product’s working is based on traditional and herbal substances. It is natural and hence there is no question of side effects. The supplement does not let the fats get deposited. It extracts energy from fats. In normal situation mainly carbs are used to release energy and most of the fats get stored. But when you take this supplement, energy is harnessed from fats. In this way it tries less accumulation of fats.

The basic ingredients that follow the supplement are Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin and Turmeric. The product helps in reducing the fats deposited in and around belly. The belly and tummy fats are quiet stubborn to melt. To melt them is not an easy task. This product helps you to melt the stubborn fat by increasing metabolic rate. It increases the stamina to do work. The presence of less fat boosts your energy. It detoxifies your body. The turmeric acts as detoxify agent. The secretion of these enzymes help to remove unwanted toxins. This unwanted toxins are responsible for weight gain.


The supplement is based on organic. It’s ingredients are natural. It is mainly consist of following ingredients :-

Garcinia Cambogia :- It is a tropical fruit, found in India and Asia. It works in two ways, it reduces appetite and it stops the formation of fat. Garcinia Cambogia secrets HCA which prevents formation of fats. It helps to reduce food craving. As the food craving is another obstacle in weight loss efforts. It helps to improve the positivity of the mind. This helps you to be more happier, more energetic and less tired. Its other uses are to stabilize blood sugar level, it improves cholesterol level and it reduces joint paints.

Forskolin:- It is mainly found in Asia. It is obtained from the roots of coleus plant belonging to mint. Like garcinia cambogia it is also from tropical region. It increases the energy. Making you energetic and alert. It acts on the stored fats to reduce weight. Forskolin has many other uses also. Such as, it maintains the high blood pressure, it helps to relieve asthma (by widening bone passage), it increases bone density to reduce the danger of osteoporosis.

Turmeric:-It is an antioxidant spice. Turmeric is used for centuries in medicine. The curcumin is the main ingredient in turmeric. It help you to burn extra fat. The reduction of stored fat requires more energy their by increasing stamina. It also releases enzymes used to remove the unwanted toxins, which otherwise led to gain in weight. The other uses of turmeric are, it helps in digestion, it increases metabolism and it also prevents from various side disorder which are due to obesity.


The various benefits of the supplement are as follows:-

  • It burns the extra fats. The fat that are deposited inside your body are melted by this supplement.
  • It boosts the metabolic rate. The increased metabolic rate means burning of more calories. The supplement burns calories
  • It increases the energy. The presence of less fats enhances your stamina. You can do more work efficiently.
  • It prevents formation of fats. The supplement not only burns fats but it also hinders formation of fats.
  • It reduces appetite. It also helps in suppressing emotional eating and food cravings which disrupts weight loss efforts.
  • It improves sleep pattern. This supplement helps you to feel more lite and happy.

Now the overall benefit of the supplement is you look more confident and happy. Now you can jump into your dream dress. You can wear whatever you want. You are confident when you know you are looking good.

Is it safe to use the product?

This product is natural. It is clinically proven that the product has no side effects. Using this product is completely safe. The ingredients of the product are extracts of plant. This product is dependent on the nature. The product is made by deep research from the team of our experts. It is highly recommended by them. It burns fat naturally. Again it pacifies mind naturally. The product do complete care of mind and body.

Tips for better result

We are specifying some tips that are recommended to follow. Drink large amount of water. Take proper sleep. The sleep patterns affects your weight loss efforts. There are few things that should be taken into consideration before going for supplements. The supplement is not meant for people below 18 yrs. This is not at all safe for pregnant ladies. Lactating mothers should avoid the supplement. If you are already suffering from ailment, you are requested to consult your doctor before proceeding. Do not start one supplement with other supplement, as it may cause various ailments.

From where to buy this product?

The supplement is an efficient tool to fight weight loss. In the market there are many duplicate products available. To avoid all such problems company provides this product on official website of the company only. Through this website you can buy the original product. You are free to ask any queries also. All your doubts are cleared online with fraction of seconds. The stock is available for limited period of time. So hurry up!!!


Neo Slim 550 is a perfect weight loss supplement. It burns extra calories and amplifies metabolic rate. It is pure, safe and herbal. The natural ingredients beautifies this product. It reduces the appetite. Not only, it burns extra pounds and stops formation of fats. It suppress cravings and negative emotions also. It pacifies mood. It also removes unwanted toxins, which otherwise responsible for weight gain. It have good effect mentally also. The sleep patterns get improved after taking supplements. You fell active and alert. You are more dedicated to your work. Hence why to think a lot about it. Go and grab the offers.

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