Intelleral Supplement : Natural Focus Amplifier Smart Pill

prdt-intelleralWhen it comes to taking care of our body we have all sorts of thing. Imagine what happens to your muscles when you use them, yes you got it right, you suffer from fatigue. Exactly the same way our brain suffers from the fatigue due to constant working.

Mental fatigue causes a lot of complications like problems with decision making, poor concentration, short attention span and inability to focus on a particular work for a long time coupled with casual forgetfulness.
I was also suffering from above problems on the recommendation of my doctor I started taking Intelleral and let me tell you it worked like magic. All I can say it was like the fog in my brain blocking my vision and decision that got cleared up after the regular consumption of this supplement.

So what exactly is Intelleral Supplement?

It is a brain boosting supplement that works naturally to improve your cognitive abilities by increasing your concentration and focus without causing any side effects.
The basic idea behind designing this supplement is provide an alternative to the students and professional to boost focus power without relying on the ADD/ADHD medicines.
One basic requirement was to use ingredients which does not require any prescription so that it is available to everyone without any hassle.

So what makes it a powerful Brain boosting supplement?

The primary ingredients is WGCP- Whole Green Coffee powder. The manufacturers use the unroasted coffee beans because roasted coffee beans may have better taste but they do not offer the complete nutrition. Roasting burns the antioxidants and fibre content of the coffee beans making it taste better but reducing its potency. Coffee is considered as the super food and this supplement uses the finest beans that improves the cognitive abilities.

Revolutionary Sustained release technology

Normally when you consume coffee it gets immediately assimilated in the body bringing a rush of energy just like adrenal rush. So this way it may just squeeze your glands. But with sustained release the caffeine is released in regular intervals and making it more powerful and effective. You can enjoy the benefit for a much longer time as opposed to the quick action for a small time.

Why Manufacturers used WGCP?

As I have said unroasted coffee bean has more benefit than roasted and what WGCP has is chlorogenic acid. It is a clinically proven compound that helps in enhancing the functioning and alertness of the brain and making sharper and focused.

Results of the Clinical trial:

Before launching the Intelleral supplement in the market manufacturers did the clinical study on the efficiency this smart pill. Volunteers experienced following:

• 87% increase in the sustained attention
• 61% boost in response inhibitions
• 32% increase in the spatial understanding.

How long does it take to work?

After one hours of intelleral pill you will notice the surge in the chemicals in your body making you more focused and improving the understanding. The pill will work straight five to seven hours.

Are there any side effects?

Absolutely not, as you have read above the primary ingredients is coffee bean and other ingredients re also herbal extracts that helps in overall functioning of the body. As they are clinically tested as well are found to cause no major side effect. So you can take it without any fear.

Were to buy?

Intelleral is available on its official website. It is the best place to buy this brain booster. Click on the link below to make a purchase.


In a nutshell whether you are a student, athlete, professional or an individual with poor focus Intelleral supplement is for you. It has the natural potent properties of a powerful brain boosting supplement. The key ingredient is WGCP and it is safe and 100% natural. The clinical trials conducted have shown very positive results. If you are worried about your diminishing brain capabilities, then this supplement is for you.