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NO matter in what age you are born the standards of beauty have not changed at all. Yes, today there is more acceptance to the growing up in few people but social media has fuelled the race to look youthful and young for forever. When you see your favourite actors walking on the red carpet you know they have a beautiful skin and there is rarely a single wrinkle or fine line visible on the face.

So how do these people manage to stay young and youthful even after crossing the 40s?

Well, most of these people resort to Botox and cosmetic surgery but that does not mean that is the only way to get a youthful skin on the contrary there are plenty of skin care products that helps in getting the perfect wrinkle free skin but the problem is that people want or expect instant results.

Today I am reviewing one very powerful recently launched skin care product that is creating a lot of buzz in the social circuit because of this powerful results and no side effects formula. I am talking about Calypso Face Cream.

It is a powerful anti-wrinkle product with the highly efficient moisturizing properties. The reason for designing this product is to provide the modern women on the run a simple product that fit into the daily regime easily.

Benefits of using Calypso Face Cream:

There are multiple benefits of using this powerful anti-wrinkle cream and some of them are:

  • Helps in the reduction of wrinkles
  • Decreases the fine lines from face
  • Improves the quality of the skin
  • Reduces the severity of the dark circles
  • Boosts the skin immune system
  • Provides the strength to the skin
  • Increases the firmness and the elasticity of the skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated all day long
  • Keeps skin smooth, moist and supple

What basically causes aging of the skin?

Although the process of aging is natural and it is impossible to stop it but what we can do it delay it. So, when women cross a particular age the production of collagen in the skin decreases and the water retention capacity of skin decreases and our skin is mainly composed of water and collagen almost 70%.

The lowering level of collagen causes skin to sag and the wrinkles and fine lines appear overtime. As the water is lost gradually leads to the dry and shrinkage of the skin which further speeds up the process of aging.

And the very important free radicals, they are the primary reason for the damage at the cellular level. Free radicals are produced in our body and it is a natural process.

Along with all these problems the poor lifestyle and the environmental stress causes the skin to age faster.

So, how does Calypso Face Cream tackles all these problems?

The powerful blend ingredients used in the composition of the formula helps in keeping skin youthful and young for forever.

The collagen booster ingredients and the whole collagen molecule used in this product helps in balancing the collagen level immediately and triggers the production of collagen in the skin. This way it helps in boosting the capacity of the skin to produce the collagen and the elastic. This increased production further helps in strengthening the skin and providing the firmness to the skin.

The powerful vitamin derivatives act as the antioxidants, they help in countering the effects of free radicals. The antioxidants penetrate the skin and reverse the damage at a cellular level.

It also acts a barrier against the UV rays and the environmental pollution and stress. Calypso Face Cream creates a protective barrier that shields the skin all day long against the pollution and sun rays.

Is it really a powerful moisturizer?

The powerful water binding agents used in the formula are capable of holding water for more than 8 to 9 hours. So, you can be assured of the fact that it will boost the moisture retention capacity of the skin without any extra effort.

Now many women ask question, whether they need to use any other moisturizer or not. It simply depends upon the requirement of the skin. Do you feel that you skin stays hydrated and there to itchy and dryness on the skin. If so, then you do not need any additional moisturizer but if you feel there is little bit of dryness then you must use other moisturizer as well.

Why to pick this among all other options available in the market?

There are multiple reasons for picking Calypso Face Cream.

100% natural ingredients can be primary reason. It is true that you may find other skin care products that are capable of giving the results but when you look at the ingredients you will find that are laden with the harsh chemicals and you have to use them regularly the day you stop using them you will how irreparable damage they cause to the skin.

Faster results, when we start using a product all the expectations are to get the results as soon as possible. The makers of Calypso Face Cream do not make unrealistic claims built that does not mean it will take a very long time to work. From the day of application, you will see that your skin is soft and smooth.

Can it give Botox like results?

Yes, it can. And the only thing you need to do is be regular in the usage. Try to use the product for at-least 40 to 60 days. And do not overuse thinking that it will boost the results. No such thing is going to happen. And the most important thing unlike Botox Calypso Face Cream does not give the instant results. But you can help overcome that with the thought that it will not cause any side effects in the long run.

Will cause any side effects?

Absolutely not, as we have already discussed that the reason the manufacturers were so focused on using the natural ingredients is to provide a safer and effective alternative to all the chemical laden products. And trust me they have succeeded in this regard.

And before introducing the cream into the market the manufacturers conducted the clinical trials and none of the volunteers reported any side effects. Do not worry about any side effects as there are none.

Free trial Information

It is true that you cannot trust a product only because you have read good reviews about the product. To helps such customers the manufacturers of Calypso Face Cream are providing the free sample bottle to the limited number of customers. This shows the confidence of the makers.

When you click on the image on the page you will be redirected to the official website of Calypso Face Cream. There you just have to fill registration form and you are done. Pay the nominal shipping charges and you are done.


PATCH TEST: earlier we talked about the side effects of the product well you can judge it by yourself with a patch test. And one more thing all the women with sensitive skin must perform a patch test to judge the efficiency of the product.


In the end, all I will say that there are plenty of options or similar products available on the market making similar claims. But do not judge a product by its claims. Do some research and find out more about it. What are the ingredients and how are they going to benefit the skin.

Calypso Face Cream is a powerful anti-wrinkle formula that is composed with the help of herbal extracts and the clinical trials have validated all the claims that manufacturers are making regarding this cream it is a specifically a hope in the jar, miracle of modern science. As you know about the free trial offer I would suggest you to go for it before buying it. And trust me this cream will not let you down.


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